THE council's planning committee have decided to visit a Kidderminster site where five news homes are proposed to be built, before approving or refusing the development.

Applicants Matthews Construction are seeking to build two three-bedroom houses, two four-bedroom houses, and a two-bedroom bungalow with detached double garage on land next to Walnut Cottage on Bliss Gate Road, Rock.

The proposed site is situated on green belt land between Bliss Gate Road and Heightington Road and the proposal was previously recommended for approval by council planners and Rock Parish Council.

However, during a planning committee meeting on Tuesday, September 17, councillors decided to defer the proposal for a site visit.

Dudley News: Proposed site plan. PIC: Zebra Architects Proposed site plan. PIC: Zebra Architects

Prior to the meeting, the Highway Authority recommended refusal for the plan, outlining that the site is in an "unsustainable location" and that "future occupants will be solely reliant on private car use."

The Highway Authority also highlighted in a report that "whilst there is a bus stop within 100m of the site, there is no footway provision to the junction with Heightington Road and Bliss Gate Road and there is no street lighting in the area which will deter journeys on foot."

An objector of the proposal, Mrs Griffiths, who spoke at the meeting, also addressed the issue on the reliance of cars for potential homeowners and the lack of bus services in the area.

Cllr Fran Oborski said in view of the Highway Authority’s recommendation for refusal “a site visit would be appropriate.”

This motion was seconded by Councillor Marcus Hart who said: "A visit would help me in persuading me which way I was going to cast my vote on the next occasion, and it would be very helpful to members to actually see this site.”

Following the meeting, applicant agent Phil Deeley said: "We are happy to facilitate the site visit. We believe it's a sustainable development and we are happy for committee members to view it and for it to proceed on that basis."