HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham has condoned the "abhorrent behaviour" during England's match against Bulgaria on Monday night.

He agreed with the Edgar Street side's captain John Gowling who said England players should have 'left the field of play' due to the racism they faced during the 6-0 win.

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England's Euro 2020 qualifier was stopped twice last night due Bulgaria fans making racist chants at the visiting players and also Nazi salutes.

The stadium announcement stated the match would be abandoned if it continued. UEFA's new protocol to combat racist abuse sees three stages until the game is abandoned.

After the second stage last night a group of Bulgaria fans were seen leaving the stadium.

"It goes without saying that Hereford FC condones the abhorrent behaviour witnessed in Bulgaria during the England game on Monday night," Graham said.

"We actively support The FA in their work to eradicate racism, and we also back the Kick Racism Out of Football and Show Racism the Red Card campaigns.

"We passionately believe that there is no place in football for racism of any description and agree with Josh that there should be zero-tolerance to racism both inside and outside of football."