BUDGET supermarket chain Aldi wants extended delivery hours at their store in Ledbury.

Deliveries at the Leadon Way shop are currently restricted to 7am and 10pm Monday to Sunday.

But supermarket representatives have asked Herefordshire Council to vary this condition from their planning permission which was granted in 2016 to meet growing demand.

If approved, their latest plans will allow for deliveries between 6am to 11pm through out the week.

Lloyd Collins, assistant planner writing on behalf of Aldi, said: “In a competitive market place, Aldi must evolve to meet consumer demand,”

“Given the change in the pattern of retailing over time and the desire for customers to purchase fresh produce with maximum product life, this requires a flexible system of stock management and distribution.

“The sheer volume of stock that the store handles means that Aldi needs to be as efficient as possible at restocking when the store is at its quietest.”

Residents have until November 13 to comment on the proposals which are expected to be considered by January 17.