TARMAC has submitted plans to expand its quarry north of Hereford.

The proposals before Herefordshire Council will unlock 500,000 tonnes of reserves to the south of Wellington Quarry, if approved.

This expansion would be worked on over more than three-and-a-half years which the company says would minimise the duration of works and its effects on the village of Moreton-on-Lugg to the south.

The southern expansions would make the overall reserves of 1.53m tonnes and would give the quarry some 12 years of life, if planners approve the scheme.

The company says this would mean the site would be operational until 2032, assuming the current output level of 130,000 tonnes a year is maintained.

Architects say the scheme includes a comprehensive restoration strategy for the overall Wellington Quarry site which includes the creation of two large lakes, with greater attention to indentations and shallow margins around the lake and retained islands.

Wellington parish council is expected to discuss the scheme at a meeting on November 7.