HIGH profile doctor David Nicholl is aiming to amputate the Conservative Party from Bromsgrove's parliamentary seat.

Dr Nicholl, from Hagley, is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the general election against Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid who currently holds the constituency.

Committed EU remainer Dr Nicholl says he is the only candidate who can pose a threat to Mr Javid in the traditionally safe Tory seat.

Dr Nicholl said: "Earlier this year, I put my career at risk when I spoke up on Newsnight about the very real risks posed to patients in Bromsgrove from a no-deal Brexit.

"As your Liberal Democrat MP, I will fight to stop Brexit, and support the good quality public services which Sajid Javid’s government has consistently cut.

"Sajid Javid squandered £2.1 billion on no-deal Brexit planning. Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will leave the UK £70billion worse off than if it remains in the EU."

Dr Nicholl faces a tough task if he is to unseat Mr Javid, in the last election the Lib Dems got 4.6 percent of the vote while the Conservatives clocked up 62 percent.

To get his campaign going Dr Nicholl is holding a public meeting on Tuesday November 5 at The Studio which is at Bromsgrove Sporting FC on Birmingham Road, starting at 7.30pm.

People are advised to visit www.nichollforbromsgrove.com to reserve a place at the meeting.