ROSS-ON-WYE councillors are calling on Herefordshire Council to contribute to the cost of hosting last week’s visit by Prince Charles.

Mayor Jane Roberts said the event on November 5 cost less than expected.

But county councillors have asked chief executive Alistair Neill for Herefordshire Council to contribute.

“We haven’t quite got all the bills,” Coun Roberts said.

“Staff overtime has not yet been costed in.

“But so far we are up to £3,883, which is much better than we anticipated.

“We had £1,500 underspend already in the civic budget for not having a mayor making ceremony and not having had a civic service.

“That means that the cost of the event over budget is £2,300 with some overtime and expenses to be added to that.”

Councillor Chris Bartrum said the town’s three county councillors asked Herefordhsire Council for a contribution towards the expense.

“We didn’t actually see why the town council should have to pay for everything,” he said.

“It was as much of an honour for the county as for Ross-on-Wye and we therefore asked for a contribution from the chief executive of the county council.

“We haven’t had a response yet but it does seem absurd to us.”

“We are having to spend this money and the chief executive got in on the ground floor.”