SADLY, it often takes a tragedy before action is taken to make dangerous roads safer – it’s only after a crash that crossings or speed measures are installed.

Let’s hope that’s not the case in St John’s where Councillor Richard Udall is leading a campaign for a zebra crossing in Henwick Road.

Cllr Udall says potentially hundreds of elderly and disabled residents could be put in danger if a crossing is not installed in Henwick Road as part of plans to create a larger public space and make Bush Walk one-way.

Blind military veteran Mark Lucitt, of St Clements Close in St John’s, asked the councillor to organise a meeting between himself and the council to discuss his huge concerns.

He said: “They need to hear it from somebody that is blind and who has almost been killed a few times with crazy mad drivers.”

Cllr Udall said not having the crossing “will make St John’s more dangerous for pedestrians”.

Our county councillors need to listen to him and Mr Lucitt now, not wait for someone to be knocked down by a car before taking action and installing the crossing.