SINCE the sudden death of Ian Burrows at St Paul’s on November 23, certain people have been using the way he died as a stick to beat the hostel, claiming that somehow the staff there were to blame for his tragic end.

So, it’s interesting to see that Mr Burrows’ step-sister, Sam Empson, has now spoken up to defend the hostel and has actually praised the way that staff treated her brother after they decided to let him live there again despite him previously being banned.

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She also made the salient point that St Paul’s is not a hospital or nursing home responsible for the health of its residents – it is simply a safe place for them to stay and receive counselling for the past trauma that has compelled them towards addiction.

The criticism of St Paul’s staff on social media, by people who apparently have an axe to grind, seems completely unfair and a symptom of blame culture – wanting to blame an organisation for the death of a troubled individual when, ultimately, you cannot force an addict to change and seek help unless they really want to.

The staff at St Paul’s were the ones trying to save Ian from his demons. To blame them for his death is appalling.