ALTHOUGH charities such as the YMCA and St Paul's Hostel have the prime aim of putting a roof over the head of the homeless, they cannot allow people to continue to stay in their accommodation if they break the rules and put others at risk.

Today we have reported on a young man who was evicted from the YMCA in Worcester after staff became suspicious that he had brought cannabis onto the premises and consequently searched his room before asking him to move out.

This man is adamant that he didn't have drugs and thus his eviction was unfair, but you can understand why staff would ask him to leave if they believed he'd brought in cannabis.

Many of the people who stay at the YMCA and St Paul's have some kind of addiction, whether drugs or alcohol, and are trying to get clean and turn their lives around. So the last thing they need is for drugs and alcohol to be brought onto the premises because that just increases the temptation for them to relapse.

The principle of zero tolerance and evicting anyone found to possess drugs is simply for the greater good.