WORKERS at one of Hereford’s most well-known factories had a memorable Valentine’s Day 35 years ago.

The Hereford mayor at the time, George Raymond Glyn Beynon, dropped in to visit workers at Sun Valley for a Valentine’s Day kiss.

He was pictured giving a quick peck on the cheek to workers in the canteen at the poultry factory site.

Sun Valley Foods was established in 1960 by Lt Col Uvedale Corbett and he brought employment and prosperity to the area, and beyond.

Universally known as the Colonel, he built the company up and when he retired in 1983 it was turning out 30 million chickens and two million turkeys annually and had 2,350 workers.

Three years prior to stepping down as his role as chairman, the company was brought by Cargill.

Then in 2017 Cargill agreed to establish a joint venture with Faccenda Foods, with new company Avara being set up.

At the time of the announcement, the Cargill fresh chicken business processed approximately 2.1 million birds per week.