A TECHNOLOGICAL first is on its way to Hereford as the city centre becomes one big cinema.

Smartphone users will soon be able to download an app to watch Actuality, which uses augmented reality technology.

AR is an interactive experience where the user’s environment is enhanced by computer-generated aspects such as visuals or audio.

Hereford-based Rural Media has commissioned its first AR work from local artist Emma Posey, and it will appear on February 29.

The company said the virtual film installation in the middle of High Town will mean smartphone users can download the app to watch a looped film about the county.

Emma Posey said: “The region isn’t just about hills, apples and lots of green – it has a burgeoning creative technology industry and Rural Media is unique in its mission to support and grow it.

“It’s a fantastic organisation, full of people who believe in the power of culture to create change and whose expertise focuses on nurturing talent through opportunities such as this residency.”

Ms Posey has worked closely with creatives based in the Marches on the project and has also collaborated with students from Hereford College of Arts’ new digital futures course.

For Rural Media, they say it will be something different for people in Hereford.

Creative director Grant Black said: “Over the last 3 years Rural Media has been working with local creatives and technologists to see what exciting digital art experiences we can offer audiences in Herefordshire.

“Working with Emma to make Actuality is a great example of this ambition, as we create a virtual cinema screen in the heart of the city. It’s unexpected, stimulating and something that can be experienced by anyone with a smartphone.”

The short film is only available for a limited time. For more information visit bit.ly/31L3VWV