A WHEELCHAIR user is outraged at the state of a pavement in the city after she was sent flying head over heels after hitting a deep crack on the pavement.

Nikita Thompson was travelling on the pavement next to Bromyard Road, in St John’s, when her front wheels hit the crack.

The momentum threw her out and she landed on her face, leaving her dazed.

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Nikita said: “I remember thinking I was going to throw up but that didn’t happen.

“Then I remembered looking at my camera that was around my neck and then my glasses.

“ I focused on the pain and curled in on myself until my Greek mum, Annie and someone else picked me up.

“I tried to remember to thank people, but I don’t remember if I did at all.

“I broke my glasses in half due to that ditch on Bromyard Road, costing me £140 for repairs that I cannot afford.

“I’ve lived in Worcester for 22 years – you learn to adapt and learn to avoid these things, but accidents happen. Richard Udall has been amazing and supportive – he is a lovely human.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council highways said: “A site inspection was carried out on February 2 and a work order has been raised to repair the kerb.

“We will be contacting Miss Thompson to discuss her concerns.”

However, Worcestershire County Council councillor Richard Udall said it was “too little, too late.

He added: “Clearly, there’s an issue for a number of residents about the state of our footpaths in this area.

“The footpath damage in Nikita’s case didn’t just happen overnight and I think what has happened to her is beyond the pail.

“Many of the footpaths are in a dangerous condition.I want to see more frequent checks to road and foot path surfaces.

“Residents need to play their part and report any defects, as the council can only fix what they know about.”

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