IN the latest in our Down Your Way series, reporter Steven Collins paid a visit to the Dines Green area, which dates its development back to the Medieval period.

Dines Green existed as a hamlet before the 1950s, when council housing was erected to create affordable homes for the city’s population, who were cleared during slum clearances.

This was as part of an urban renewal strategy to change Worcester into a more pleasant place to live.

Pre-reinforced concrete houses and flats were erected in Dines Green during this redevelopment phase, creating a variety of housing types in Tudor Way and Drake Avenue, among others.

The flats, however, started to deteriorate in the 90s and a decision was made to pull down, making way for new buildings

City councillor Richard Udall: “Dines Green has tremendous community spirit and people like to work and play together and over the years all three pubs have closed, which were at the heart of the community. The Green Centre now provides that focus.”

Valerie Mason,73, lives in Burleigh Road and has lived in different homes in Dines Green since 1963.

Valerie said: “The community has changed quite a bit since I first came here. Mums didn’t go to work then and would sit outside their homes when the weather was nice, with children playing with other kids and mums chatting away.

“There has been a church in the area for 60 or more years.

“I go to St Michael’s Church but it’s an ageing congregation - I want younger people to join in more.”

The Green Hub, in Gresham Road, is at the heart of Dines Green, adjacent to the shopping area, multi use games area and The DG Den Community Café.

The Post Office closed down in 2017.

A Co-op Food serves the community.

In the past, the area had a newsagent, a wool shop, pharmacy and a fish and chip shop.