A MAN has shot at police as they tried to pull over a car in Worcester.

A police car was shot at off Blackpole Road while trying to pull over a car that failed to stop at around noon.

The car then collided with three other cars and metal railings while trying to evade the police.

A  Lidl store was evacuated and a search of McDonalds and the Blackpole Inn, both near to the crash, were carried out.

It is believed police arrested one man outside McDonalds, another in a nearby car park outside the Wolseley bathroom showroom and it is not known where the other man was arrested. Police would not confirm where the men were arrested.

A police spokesman said: "Three men have been detained after it’s believed a shot was fired at a police car.
"The incident happened at around 12pm in Cosgrove Close, near to the Blackpole Road in Worcester, when officers attempted to pull over a vehicle that had failed to stop for them. The vehicle also collided with a number of vehicles on the road."

Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said: “Thankfully no one has been injured but this is obviously a very shocking incident for the local community and the officers involved. Firstly I’d like to reassure the public that there is not believed to be any threat to the public.

“Armed officers quickly responded to support the officers at the scene and the local Lidl store was evacuated whilst thorough searches were carried out there and in McDonalds, both as a precaution. It has now been fully opened and we’d like to thank shoppers and staff in the shop for their cooperation. 

“Crimes involving firearms are rare in Worcestershire and this is thought to be an isolated incident. A thorough investigation has been launched and three men are currently in police custody.”  

Blackpole Road and Cosgrove Close remain closed. 
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Deniz Aydin who runs Luckys Lunch Box in Blackpole Road said: "Four men were involved, shots were fired at police, three were arrested, but one escaped."

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Our reporter on the scene has confirmed armed police have been seen at Mcdonalds, Lidl and the Blackpole Inn on the Blackpole Road

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Callum Kirman, 18, said: "I heard that staff at Mcdonalds found ammo casings in the toilet, so the police locked down the retuarant and searched the toilets."

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He added: "I am shocked. I have seen this kind of thing in London, but not down here. 

The road is closed in both directions following the crash witnesses describe as "shocking."

Andrew Christian-Brookes, 64, said: "I heard the most horrific bang. A car had crashed into another car after going around a pedestrian relief point on the wrong side of the road.

Video: Andrew Christian-Brookes @DriveByVideos

"The car, which was full of three men who were late twenties, then crashed into two other vehicles causing all three cars to crash into the railings outside the bathroom supply shop. 

"One of the men was arrested by an undercover police officer. 

"It was really shocking, I felt somewhat light headed after witnessing it all, one of the drivers was a woman with her baby in the car. I don't believe anyone was hurt."

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Our reporter on the scene has said two cars are damaged and debris is strewn accross the road which is still cordoned off by police. 
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Two ambulances are on the scene and a helicopter is also being used. Police are telling members of the public not to walk down the road at this time. 
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Resident Marina Austin, 57, said: "I was just trying to catch the bus, I am shocked. This is a nice area, you don't expect things like this to happen!"

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Gary Hewitt, 58, said: "I was sitting at home wathcing the telly when I heard I skid and what sounded like a bomb going off!"

We will update you as the situation develops.