A PHOTO book has so far raised £1,794 to go towards conservation of the Malvern Hills.

Written by experts, The Nature of the Malverns is the first book compiling all the natural aspects of the area, from the Pied Flycatcher to the Pink Waxcap and from Goblin Gold to the Grayling butterfly.

Beck Baker, community and conservation officer, said “The Malvern Hills and surrounds are home to such a diverse variety of wildlife and this book really brings this landscape to life.

“Each chapter introduces and features different aspects of the natural world from the well-known birds to the more obscure mosses and liverworts.

"Whether you’re a newcomer to wildlife or a keen observer, there’s something for everyone to discover amongst the colourful pages of this publication.

"We’re delighted that everyone who purchases the book will be putting something back into caring for this landscape now and for future generation."

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Copies are available online: naturebureau.co.uk/nature-of-the-malverns