REMEDIAL works by the county council to fix "sticky" road surfaces around a Kidderminster estate have been criticised by neighbours for "making a bad job worse".

Residents on the Spennells Estate launched a petition calling for Worcestershire County Council to resurface roads in the area after the surfaces became sticky and unsightly in the warm weather, with tar and gravel sticking to people's shoes, car tyres and pets' paws.

Neighbours claim the problems started after the council's contractor Ringway carried out surfacing works on the estate last June.

Dudley News: The remedied road in Cygnet Court. Photo by Tonya MorrisThe remedied road in Cygnet Court. Photo by Tonya Morris

County councillor Marcus Hart requested an urgent site visit with a highways engineer, and confirmed remedial works in the form of a two-to-three millimetre dusting would get under way as soon as temperatures were hot enough.

Work began on Tuesday (June 23), but residents say the dusting has only made the problem worse - with some areas left covered in loose grit, which is then being walked into people's homes.

District councillor Helen Dyke said: "Residents are not impressed. The work being carried out seems to be along the same lines as the original work that caused problems on some roads."

Resident Doug Hine said: "All they are doing is throwing some gravel on some of the offending patches and bedding random patches in with a wacker plate."

Another resident described the works on social media as "making a bad job worse".

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “We can confirm we received a petition from residents on the Spennells Estate, along with additional comments from the local county councillor Marcus Hart regarding the current conditions of the road surface.

Dudley News: Loose gravel in the Spennells Estate. Photo by Doug HineLoose gravel in the Spennells Estate. Photo by Doug Hine

“Councillor Hart requested a senior engineer to inspect the condition and has been heavily involved in ensuring that any defects in the road are remedied.

"The situation has been closely monitored since, waiting for the correct conditions to undertake remedial works.”

"Remedial works commenced on the estate on June 23, as the air temperature reached the required levels for the treatment to be most effective.

"These works are being carried out locally at each specific location so there is no additional grit left within the estate. We will continue to monitor the situation closely once the work is completed.”