TRAVELLERS are not getting enough support says a councillor.

Richard Udall slammed the county council for failing to provide support for the travelling community after seeing trailers pull up illegally outside Hickory’s restaurant in St Johns.

Cllr Udall said: “The county council has a legal responsibility to care for and support travelling communities, including a requirement to provide emergency accommodation.

“They have consistently failed to do so, which is not only unfair to the travellers, but is also illegal, it’s also unfair to the settled communities who have to pick up the price for cleaning up illegal encampments and settlements and perpetuates prejudice against travellers.

He added:"Worcester has increasingly seen more illegal occupation of land by travellers, most recently on the Tybridge Street Car park in St John’s. These occupations could and should be avoided by providing legal places for travellers to stay.”

“The South Worcestershire Development Plan proposed two new permanent traveller sites for the Worcester Urban expansion, one at Broomhall and another at Temple Laugherne Farm, both have been removed from planning applications without any objection from the county council.”

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, chair of the South Worcestershire Development Plan Joint Advisory Panel said: “The South Worcestershire Councils have worked together to understand the level of need for our Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople community and to cater for it.

“The South Worcestershire Development Plan allocates up to 20 pitches on the Worcester Urban Extensions. None of those sites have been withdrawn from the plan but, unfortunately, not all of the land is suitable for gypsy/traveller sites.

“We have put out a call for sites suitable for gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople but the response has been poor and most suggested sites are not suitable locations.”