A BANKSY-style mural has been mysteriously painted in the doorway of an Upton wine bar.

Jacqui Makepeace-Dowdeswell, landlord of The Butcher Shop in High Street was greeted by the graffiti on Sunday morning.

“I’ve got no idea where it came from or who did it,” she said.

“I think it’s fantastic, I love it.

“I don’t know why they’ve chosen to do it in Upton or why they’ve chosen to do it in on my building but I think it’s great.

“Everybody seems to like it. I haven’t had any complaints yet.

“Obviously I want to protect it.

“A few people have suggested putting a Perspex cover over it to stop it getting damaged.

Whether the mural is from the stealthy hands of Banksy or whether it is by a local graffiti artist remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, its appearance has impressed local residents - with some businesses owners hoping the artist paints on their buildings.

Two separate sightings of a mystery man in dark clothing and a mask have only thickened the plot but the mystery mural-maker has yet to be identified.

If the painting is an authentic Banksy piece, the owners of the High Street wine bar could face a few problems.

An original artwork by the iconic graffiti artists was ripped from a wall in Folkestone in Kent and shipped to the US in 2015.

The owners of the amusement arcade it was painted on, chiselled out the work and sent it to gallery in New York where it was valued at almost half a million pounds.

A judge later ruled that it should be returned to the arcade.

“I don’t know what I would do with it, if it was real. It’s a listed building so I’m afraid it will have to stay put,” added Mrs Makepeace-Dowdeswell.