REPORTS of anti-social behaviour are continuing to come in from the Warndon area of Worcester.

The Worcester News reported yesterday how angry residents have reported to the police that young motorcyclists have been riding at speed around the streets and on pavements.

Now another report has been received that about 8.30pm on Wednesday, two youths on motorcycles described as trial bikes were driving through footpaths and alleyways.

The riders were not wearing helmets and also had no lights on their vehicles.

One resident told the Worcester News: "These are seen daily up Warndon Villages - go past Tesco just before the junction at the bottom,you see them riding through the streets every day. I nearly hit two today."

In a separate incident, an outbreak of anti-social behaviour was reported at the community centre in Shap Drive at about 7.15 pm the same night.

Youths were running in and out of the building via the fire exits and disrupting activities at the centre.

Alan Feeney, the city councillor for Warndon Parish North, where some of the anti-social incidents have been reported, said: "Anti-social behaviour is a continuing issue in this area.

"All I can do is repeat what the police have been saying, and urge anyone who sees individuals riding motorbikes anti-socially, or otherwise behaving in an anti-social manner, to take photos, or videos if possible, as this will enable the police to target the individuals responsible."

He said some of the cyclists has also been tearing down hedges and fences to gain access to open areas.

He said: "I would urge anyone who sees damage like this to contact me or my fellow councillors, so we can get it repaired as soon as possible."

If you have any information about the latest incidents, please call 101 or the local policing teams, quoting incident numbers 634s/140218 (Lyppard Grange) and 599s/140218 (Shap Drive).