Hey kids, it’s a county council special this week - I have to go. You have to read about it.

Simon Geraghty leader of the county council got his budget through yesterday. But promised he won’t rise council tax by five per cent or 'the maximum’ next year. You can read all about it elsewhere on our page. I only mention it again because I might need you to remind me of this around next December when the 2019/2220 draft budget is published. Put a note in your diary.

Unless you’re in Australia where anything goes, there’s a concept of ‘unParliamentary language'. I don't know if it applies to councils but Labour members at County Hall got very close to the line. Group leader Peter McDonald had a swipe at an opponent making reference to a brush with the law which some felt was a cheap shot. Then Richard Udall described the budget as something which, well, can't be polished. (But can, if you must, be rolled in glitter). It's almost as if they were doing it for the publicity, which, err I'm now giving them. But I want you know I'm shaking my head as I type. More is disappointment than anger, like.

The picture above is of the council chamber. Imagine hordes of Conservative councillors and many fewer Labour and still fewer Lib Dems. Now imagine those few Labour and Lib Dems squabbling amongst each other while the Conservatives sat back filing their nails and then voted everything the administration wants through. Imagine some vultures fighting so much over a leg of a dead zebra they don't notice a lion dragging the rest of the carcass away.

Politicians like to put up a united front. I wonder whether the leader Simon Geraghty and his deputy Adrian Hardman aren't going a wee bit far with their dress code - dark suit, white shirt and bright pink tie. (With Mr Hardman's the exact shade of the Giro d'Italia's leaders' jersey for the cyclists among you.)Do you think they phone or use What's App to co-ordinate?

I counted three different badges being worn by councillors yesterday: one against violence against women, and two about children's services. Please don't anyone tell them about buses, parking is bad enough up there.