DRY January may be over but the rise in health-conscious drinking looks set to last.

Supermarket giant Aldi has launched a range of low calorie and low alcohol wines to cater for healthier lifestyles.

The launch coincides with the end of Dry January when alcohol-abstinence is often abandoned in February, or drinkers take a healthier approach to their alcohol consumption.

Julie Ashfield, Aldi managing director of corporate buying, said: "At Aldi we recognise that while our shoppers have wide variety of dietary and lifestyle requirements borne out of both choice and necessity, they still want to be able to enjoy great tasting, great quality food and drink.

"With this mind, we've curated a range of ten wines which will allow our shoppers to treat themselves, without straying too far from their New Year resolutions."

Figures released by the supermarket reveal that wine sales soared on January 25 last year as customers stocked up to replenish their alcohol supplies after a month of clean living.

The supermarket's range includes low alcohol, organic, gluten free, Fairtrade, sulfate free wines and fizz.

Dry January 2018 is reported to have been the biggest since the initiative's launch in 2012, with 100,000 people signed up to take part in the UK.

The scheme is run by alcohol awareness charity Alcohol Concern to encourage people to rethink their relationship with alcohol.

According to their website, a survey of participants revealed that 79 per cent saved money while 49 per cent of those who took part lost weight. Reasons for the popularity of low alcohol wine include its lower calorie count and a lower price tag.

The pub industry, however, has criticised Dry January for denting sales during an already difficult month.

This year the 'Tryanuary' initiative was launched to encourage people to support local, independent breweries, pubs and bars during January.