BRITISH UFC fighter Tom Breese will travel to Argentina for his next clash after honing his skills at Dudley's Priory Park Boxing Club.

Breese, who will again be joined in his corner in Buenos Aires by Priory coach Paul Gough, is keen to take another step up the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight rankings.

The 27-year-old faces experienced Brazilian Cezar Ferreira in the octagon on UFC Fight Night 140 on Saturday, November 17.

He goes into the contest following his TKO victory over Dan Kelly in Liverpool in May.

Breese has been pleased with the improvement that boxing coach Gough has added to his skillset.

He said: "I've known Paul for a very long time and he's really helped me improve. I'm at Priory Park two or three times a week now.

"He helps me work on my striking but also comes to the MMA gym and watches my training there as well.

"He'll be in my corner again in Argentina."

On the Ferreira clash, he added: "He's an experienced fighter and will pose a good challenge. I'm expecting him to be looking for the take-down but I also think he's well-rounded so you have to be ready for anything in this game.

"The Dan Kelly win was important because it was my first at middleweight. Now I want to keep winning fights and keep moving up the rankings. Hopefully I'll be in the top 15 soon and can build from there."

The UFC has announced it will return to London's O2 Arena on Saturday, March 16, 2019, but Breese doesn't know if he'll be on the bill just yet.

It will be the 11th time a UFC event has been held in the capital but no line-ups have been announced.

The Birmingham-based fighter is also expecting his first child at the end of the year and admits that it's hard to make plans.

"I'll have to see how we're getting on and how much sleep I'm getting first!" he said. "I'd like to fight but nothing has been arranged yet."