Edd Cantle‏ (@EddCantle).

Really disappointing, all that possession and one point to show for it. We should have five points and a third win in a row. Basics let us down. We have got to be more clinical, develop that finish and that will push us up the table. Frustrating evening.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

Tough game. Improvements needed in the lineout. Hope Schonert is ok. Guys gave it their all, but looked fatigued. Rest up and come back firing for Irish!

Geoff Shaw‏ (@gshawisme).

Missed opportunity to increase the gap on Irish which is a minus but fair play to Sale.

chris wrigley‏ (@chriswrigley5).

Too many handling errors and disappointing not to beat a team down to 14 men for over half an hour but credit to Sale for some determined defence.

Holiday‏ (@comeonuwarriors).

Sale came to spoil and slow things down. Well done Steve Diamond.

Martyn Pattinson‏ (@Bigchap27).

Tough night. Sale played in the image of their coach - committed, obdurate, cynical. We need to be more clinical but another fully committed show.

Anthony Butterworth.

OK so we should have won. But a point is a point. Sale know how to grind out results. If Irish lose tomorrow we are 1 point off better than last week. Chill people. Points make prizes. Have faith people. We can do this.

John Renshaw.

Win away at Leicester one week, lose at home to Sale the next. Unless we can deliver consistent performances we’ll always be somewhere in the bottom quartile of the Premiership. A win against Irish on the 22nd is a must.

Chris Daplyn.

Well that was frustrating. We literally threw away a great chance to cross the line with a poor line-out. There seemed to be a lack of energy and ideas.

Nick Hall.

Dropped passes, lost lineouts and scrums and how many times did we hand possession back to Sale? Not good boys, was it complacency after two good results?

Mark Oconnor.

When do we ever do it the easy way? Can see us losing to Irish and get dragged straight back into it again.