Can you be the perfect host this Christmas?

6:00am Sunday 17th November 2013

DO you have room for one more person this Christmas?

Union of Law hits out at Dudley Council ban on non-white taxis

5:09pm Tuesday 30th April 2013

WE find the reasoning behind the Dudley Council’s refusal to relax the ‘white cars only’ rule, as reported in the Halesowen News, to be absolutely mystifying.

Lowest form of gutter politics

4:09pm Thursday 18th October 2012

AN article was recently printed in the News Group papers following critical comments made by paid employee of the Conservative Party and senior local councillor Patrick Harley.

Join in Pyjama Week

12:00pm Sunday 9th September 2012

I would like to tell your readers about a fun children’s charity event which I am supporting this October.

Big Birthday Bake-off

7:00am Sunday 9th September 2012

I am delighted to be in the kitchen, baking to mark a particularly special occasion; the children’s charity Place2Be’s 18th birthday!

Plant a virtual flower with the Meningitis Trust

7:00am Saturday 8th September 2012

Celebrate, remember, or just say thank you for the life of a loved one by planting a virtual flower in the Meningitis Trust’s new online garden, launched this week.

NHS support

3:30pm Wednesday 29th February 2012

I joined the Dudley Group of Hospitals Foundation Trust as a Foundation Trust member approximately 2 years ago as I am a very staunch supporter of the NHS. I wanted to play a part, no matter how small, in trying to maintain and improve the NHS services in Dudley and saw this as a way of becoming involved.

Protests fail to keep visitors away from Zoo

9:25am Wednesday 7th April 2010

Easter Saturday's Dudley town centre protests by English Defence League members and arch rivals Unite Against Fascism failed to keep 600-plus visitors from Dudley Zoo.

Congratulations to the police, council and Dudley residents

9:22am Wednesday 7th April 2010

I am a councillor in St Thomas's Ward Dudley at the centre of the past Mosque application and write to sincerely congratulate the Police, Council and Dudley residents for their tolerance and patience during the recent EDL protest debacle.

Eat British veal

11:22am Wednesday 17th March 2010

In 2008, 115,000 male dairy calves were killed in the UK shortly after birth.

Actions speak for themselves

11:16am Wednesday 17th March 2010

AS a practical politician who is immensely proud and privileged to represent the ward of St Thomas's I very rarely write letters to newspapers since I've always believed that actions speak louder than words.

Election leaflet ‘histrionics’

2:04pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

AT Dudley Council’s budget meeting, Councillor Steve Waltho engaged in histrionics over the savings that St Thomas’s Network need to make.

Network is helping those who are in need of help...

12:47pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

THE proposed cuts to the funding of the St Thomas’s network are short-sighted and unacceptable.

Make your views known on school closure

11:25am Wednesday 22nd July 2009

An open letter to the people of Dudley South from MP Ian Pearson.

Council shows area contempt

11:18am Wednesday 22nd July 2009

PENSNETT residents should be given more of a say in determining their future.

Rethink vision of beauty spots

10:33am Wednesday 31st December 2008

DURING the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to go walking with my family to enjoy the Wren's Nest and Mons Hill areas of Dudley.

Adhere to the ruling

12:02pm Wednesday 1st October 2008

MR ABDULLAH SALUL, I salute you sir upon reading your unbiased letter in View Point.

Return those petitions

12:01pm Wednesday 1st October 2008

We are coming to the end of what probably is the largest manual petition ever raised in Dudley against the building of a giant Mosque and associated community centre.

PCSO's need support

11:57am Wednesday 1st October 2008

I AM writing to say after reading your paper, police in Dudley, especially Russells Hall Police Team, are beginning to win the war on drugs.

Thanks for radio

11:56am Wednesday 1st October 2008

IT’S not very often you can say you had a good time in hospital, but after a recent stay in Russells Hall that’s exactly what I had.

Price of appeasement

12:00pm Thursday 21st August 2008

I MUST take up my pen one more time to take issue with one of your correspondents.

Thanks to all those terrific toddlers

5:00pm Wednesday 20th August 2008

ON behalf of Barnardo’s, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the under-fives who took part in the Barnardo’s Big Toddle at Dudley Zoo and Castle this summer.

Scale of mosque plan is the main objection

5:00pm Wednesday 20th August 2008

I READ with pleasurable surprise the letter from that rare species, a genuinely moderate Muslim, concerning the furore surrounding the mosque (Viewpoint, August 8).

More modest mosque is needed

11:53am Friday 8th August 2008

I WOULD like to congratulate Khurshid Ahmed for his hard work and persistence regarding the mosque project.

Irony of Blears’ White Paper

11:52am Friday 8th August 2008

SOME years ago, the people of Dudley opted for a Labour Government. I think we were all fed up at that time and had hopes for a better future with this new bright, high-flying leader Tony Blair.

Why a separate community?

11:50am Friday 8th August 2008

Tahir Ahmed claims the reporting in the Dudley News is anti-Muslim (Viewpoint, July 30) and then goes on to say he speaks for his community. What community is this? Isn’t this the problem.

Dudley deserves better

11:51am Friday 8th August 2008

AS someone who feels very proud to call Dudley their home town, I have found it extremely hard over the last few years to comprehend the place I love has been consumed with the mosque plans and seduced by the scaremongering of certain politicians.

The same great NHS

11:46am Friday 8th August 2008

On this, the 60th anniversary year of the NHS, I would like to express some positive views rather than the usual negative ones we are used to reading about.

Labour supporter

11:42am Friday 8th August 2008

Labour supporter To Mr Turner, of Gornal, and his “middle way” (Viewpoint, July 30). In answer to his corrections to my remarks, there is a Khushid Ahmed who is chairman of Dudley North Labour Party and he has been in office in Birmingham before he came to Dudley.

Heritage and culture cleansing

11:41am Friday 8th August 2008

JUST a little over 12 months since plans for the Dudley mosque were rejected by the council, it’s back on again.

Reporting is anti-Muslim

11:40am Friday 8th August 2008

I WOULD like complain about the Dudley News for the content of published articles on the proposed new mosque.

There is a middle way

11:39am Friday 8th August 2008

I WOULD like to point out two inaccuracies in last week’s Dudley News regarding the mosque.

Nothing to do with race

11:38am Friday 8th August 2008

I WAS extremely annoyed by the letter from Sardar Pappu Singh (Viewpoint, July 23).

The fight is not yet over

11:38am Friday 8th August 2008

FOR all the good people of Dudley who are fed up and angry over the death of local democracy, Councillor Malcolm Davis brings a message of hope.

MP’s views are too late

11:37am Friday 8th August 2008

Finally, Ian Austin gives an opinion on the Dudley mosque.

Driving a wedge

11:36am Friday 8th August 2008

I write about the Government Inspector’s decision to allow the projected Mosque development to proceed in spite of the huge number of objections.

Junction is a deathtrap

11:35am Friday 8th August 2008

I WOULD like to address the problem of speeding motorists as is the case of “Action plea on speeding motorists”, Dudley News, July 16.

Researching rare glass

11:33am Friday 8th August 2008

I AM currently researching the Royal Brierley “Studio” range of iridescent, acid-etched decorative glassware that was produced during the 1970s and 1980s.

Where our heritage lies

3:40pm Friday 18th July 2008

OUR ancestors would be horrified to see the building of the new mosque in the heart of the Black Country, which was built on the blood, sweat and tears of the most hard-working and stoic British people.

Fighting for the cause

3:27pm Friday 18th July 2008

IN answer to J Barnes' letter (Dudley News, July 16), I wrote to Ian Austin MP before the first appeal against the mosque plans and his words were that it should be judged on it's own merit. He has also been quoted as saying he will fight for any cause for the people of Dudley that he represents. It has since been pointed out that Kurshid Ahmed is the chairman of the North Dudley Labour Party (Mr Austin is the standing MP) so we can partly understand his stance but he should be made to withdraw the statement regarding "any cause".

Money should be spent on young offenders

10:49am Thursday 17th July 2008

CALL me naive but I really wonder whether we can still afford to be a big player on the world’s stage.

Opportunity was missed

10:48am Thursday 17th July 2008

WHAT price put on life? I am disappointed at the poor turnout of residents of Ettymore Road and Ettymore Road West to be in the photograph for the Dudley News coverage of the problems of speeding.

What are our MPs’ views?

10:48am Thursday 17th July 2008

I would like to address an open letter to all our local MPs, including my own, Ian Austin, inquiring as to their opinions on the proposal, rejection and recent appeal on the building of a new mosque in Dudley.

Searching for half brother

10:45am Thursday 17th July 2008

I AM trying to locate my half brother who lived in the Dudley area many years ago.

What am I paying council tax for?

2:36pm Friday 11th April 2008

WOULD some apologist for this useless council please tell me what I am paying nearly £1,000 a year council tax for?

Crime figures massaged

2:34pm Friday 11th April 2008

I WAS unfortunate enough to be enticed to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting recently, one of the many gatherings we are all now used to at this time of year.

Our Christian society has been destroyed

2:32pm Friday 11th April 2008

OVER the term of this Labour Government, the only real success they will record in history is the breakdown of a solid Christian society and the introduction of a secular Britain unimagined a few years ago.

Ahmed no longer has moral authority

2:25pm Friday 11th April 2008

I, LIKE most people in the borough, have recently received the spring edition of the Dudley Together magazine, a publication on behalf of Dudley Community Partnership, which has the logo stating "achieving together".

Council’s actions are eroding trust

2:24pm Friday 11th April 2008

WHAT has happened to common sense? If the initial criteria wasn't there in the first place for Holly Hall School to be given academy status because the exam results were too good, then the only achievement of the Directorate of Childrens' Services has been to raise and then crush the aspirations of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.

This town deserves a university

2:21pm Friday 11th April 2008

I totally agree with our Dudley North MP Ian Austin's views on trying to make Dudley a university town I find hard to believe the size of the borough and we have no university campus. I feel it would be prestigious for the whole of the borough and lift our dour image which the borough unfortunately has in the wider world.


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