CAMPAIGNERS are calling upon council chiefs to try and breathe new life back into the former Woodside Library building.

The historical old building has fallen into severe disrepair since it was closed in 2008.

Built in 1894, the building was given to the community by the Earl of Dudley. but is now being propped up by scaffolding and netting as a matter of public safety.

The Stourbridge Road library's dilapidated state has infuriated Woodside ward councillor Qadar Zada who said: "It's an insult to the Earl of Dudley.

"Woodside Library was given to the residents by the Earl of Dudley for public use, but since it's closure, the building has just been left to rot. I'm pretty sure this is not the sort of public use the Earl had in mind.

"However, I'm frightened we're going to see this beautiful building rot to the point where the only way out is to demolish it."

Cllr Zada is eager to see the building either brought back into use, or taken to the Black Country Living Museum.

His proposal is being backed by Amblecote councillor Christine Perks thinks the building should be moved to the Black Country Living Museum.

She said: "The building has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair. There was a proposal to turn the building into flats - but that was turned down.

"I would love to see the building go to the museum because it isn't ever going to re-open again as a library.

"Something needs to happen because the building is becoming a millstone around the people of Woodside's neck. At the moment it's just going from bad to worse.

"I remember when it first closed, people said it was going to cost £2million to have it repaired, so I don't know what the answer would be now.

Laura Wakelin, the director of communications and marketing at the Black Country Living Museum said: "The museum is aware of Woodside Library and its historical significance within the community in which it stands.

"At this point, we are unable to say whether or not we could feasibly re-locate it to the museum, or indeed whether it fits with our story.

"However, as with any such buildings, we would enter into conversations with the council to see whether the museum could, and should, play a part in its future."